måndag 11 oktober 2010

The sweetness of monday morning.

I woke up tired.
Six hours of sleep is not nearly enough.
Check bus-schedule.
Ride bus.
Job interview.

That is my day so far. I will fill it with at least five time as much. And notice, no breakfast. Shit's whack.
But what to do when stressed because of lack of time.
Well, at least the interview went well, I hope to get it.

Later today I will watch a movie and talk some shit with friends, we will have an epic evening.
I think that's about it, might be an update later or tonight.
Have a good one! ☺

söndag 10 oktober 2010

Fuck my life.

And now, commence hell.
Cleaning, cleaning and cleaning.
Moving all of my stuff back into my own room from the living room.
I've got about 3 hours of sleep, because of Minecraft, mind you!
So here I am. Feeling like shit and need to do alot of stuff.

Som music might cheer me up.

lördag 9 oktober 2010



Alright, yesterday was what it was, nothing more nothing less. But what heppened later that night was really cool. Went to see a couple of friends for some movies, and let me tell you that was fucking epic. Got to love it!
And the result of that is of course that I slept in quite alot today, woke up at like 1 pm.
But all's well that ends well.
I made lunch, really epic lunch.

Minced lamb 500grams
8 clefts of garlic
tomato paste 3 tbl. spoons
honey 1,5 tbl. spoons

Mix it all together, form it into matballs or whatever you like and fry the shit out of these puppys.

Eat it as it is or with something that contains carbohydrates, ie: rice, potatoes or any kind of variations.

Now off to take a shower.


fredag 8 oktober 2010


The day started quite good, I got up at about 7 am. No problems there. Made some coffee and toasted two sandwiches, shit was epic. Then the coffee started to work it's magic. ON MY STOMACH! I had to rush to the bathroom and throw my pants off in a hurry to get the demons out of me! (Scary movie 2 reference.) It was succesful.

Then off to a meeting down town. One boring hour of just jabbering back and forth, not really productive.
And now to the FFFFUUUUUUUUUUU of the day:
I have the worst ache in my legs, walking around town and doing a ton of things. I feel like they're about to fall off. I will lie down for a spell to see if it might get a bit better.
BUT, I thought I might do something fun, and boy was it fun! I visited my old school. So sentimental. Said hello to all of the friends that still went there and said hello to some of the teachers. (They were awesome.)

And now, filled with nostalgia I sit down at my computer to listen to some music. And what else then this?

And song of the day:

torsdag 7 oktober 2010

Your ears?

Music have always been a tremendous part of my life. I tend to listen to all kind of music and enjoy it, (more or less.) and I am now in a period of listening to Hardstyle/Hardcore/Gabber, call it what you want.
And to give anyone who is not familiar with this kind of music a taste of what it is, I now present to you this.
It's one song that I tend to come back to and always get in a hyped/happy mood.
If you got any questions or suggestions that concern music, make it now! ☺

Moving on.

Alright, now things seem a bit smoother, no text with the wrong/wierd color I will go on and change the layout of the blog, please if you have any suggestions, post them. I will try and make this place as good as possible.

And yes.

This also, enjoy!

Dear me.

Now, I have made a blog. Shit's crazy, right?
Always figured that keeping a blog is a really wierd way of wasting time, but here I am.
This blog will be containing everything I deem be noteworthy, ie: how I stumbled and hit my toes this morning.
And there will prob. also be all kinds of things I find on teh INTERNETZ!
Expect ramblings, rants and random snippets of randomness. HERE I COME!